Privacy policy

Privacy policy

The protection of personal information is a key pillar of corporate social responsibility.
In order to properly handle and store personal information, we maintain the privacy policy

Use of personal information

Privacy policy

Basic policies

MHS Planners, Architects & Engineers Ltd. (“Company”) employs the following measures to protect the names, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, inquiries, and other personal information of users (“Users”) of the site (


When obtaining personal information in order to respond to an inquiry or other matter, the Company handles it within a reasonable scope after first notifying the user of the indented method and purpose of use. We recognize the potential risk of unauthorized access to, or loss, damage, alteration, or leakage of personal information, so we take all due measures to safeguard and protect Users’ personal information and comply with applicable laws and regulations on the protection of privacy.

  1. 1.Respect for individual rights
    Where an individual requests the disclosure, revision, or deletion of, or consultation regarding, their personal information, the Company shall comply with said request.
  2. 2.Obtaining and use of personal information
    When obtaining and using personal information, the Company delineates its intended purpose of use and makes use of said information only after obtaining the consent of the User in question.
  3. 3.Management of personal information
    The Company handles Users’ personal information with due care within the scope defined below.
    • In order to make improvements to the site to enhance ease of use for the User;
    • In order to properly notify the User of news and developments;
    • In order to communicate, where needed, with the User;
    • In order to perform marketing and research pertaining to usage trends and the market;
    • Where otherwise needed to properly carry out business affairs.

Use of cookies

This site makes use of cookies in order to provide additional convenience to users visiting the site for a second time.
Cookies are a piece of data sent by a site to a user’s browser and saved on the user’s computer. The information contained is used to save your session data, but it does not contain your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, or other personally-identifiable information. Furthermore, cookies do not pose harm to your computer.
You can also configure the use of cookies on your browser in order to accept or block them. Blocking cookies will not negatively affect your ability to browse the site, but your browsing preferences may not be remembered on your next visit. Please contact your software manufacturer for details on configuring your browser.

  1. 4.Provision of personal information to third parties
    The Company does not disclose or provider personal data (refers to personal information found in personal information databases; personal information databases are defined by law as congeries of data, personal information included, that are designed to allow for the systematic search of specific personal information) to third parties without the consent of the User in question. However, the above shall not apply in the cases below.
    • 1.Where required by law
    • 2.Where required to protect life or property and where obtaining consent from the User in question would prove difficult.
    • 3.Where required to cooperate with the national government or other organ, or municipal government body, or a third party contracted by any of the above, in the execution of applicable law, and where obtaining consent from the User would obstruct the execution of the same.
  2. 5.Safety measures
    We take a range of measures to protect against the loss, leakage, and unauthorized alteration of data, among other adverse incidents, such as through security countermeasures and an incident response team, and educating our personnel on proper data security.
    This site makes use of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to encrypt and protect clients’ personal information.
    SSL is a security protocol used to protect confidential personal information exchanged online from being intercepted by third parties. All personal information you enter on this site is encrypted.
  3. 6.Updates to privacy policy
    The Company may revise this privacy policy where required to better protect Users’ personal information or to comply with changes to applicable laws and regulations.

Privacy policy-related inquiries

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