Terms of use

Terms of use

Thank you for visiting our web site.
Below are some precautions and notes for use of the site. We encourage you to read these terms of use before first using it.

Terms of use

The corporate web site of MHS Planners, Architects & Engineers Ltd.(https://www.mhs.co.jp/ hereinafter, “Site”) is operated by MHS Planners, Architects & Engineers Ltd. (“Company”). Accessing and making use of the Site shall be deemed consent with the terms of use below. The Company reserves the right to change these terms of use at any time and without warning.

1.Scope of terms

These terms of use shall apply to all transactions and interactions between users and the Company concerning use of the Site.


However, links from the web sites listed below are expressly prohibited.
The Company waives all liability for damages or incidents arising from linking.

  • – Web sites containing content violating public order and morals; content that is illegal or may be deemed illegal; and web sites involving activities that are illegal or may be deemed illegal.
  • – Web sites that contain content that is slanderous, libelous, or discrediting to the Company, its officers, employees, and other parties or organizations.
  • – Web sites in which the Site opens in a frame or other manner in which it is unclear that the viewer is accessing the Site and which would confuse a third party.
  • – Other web sites the Company deems unsuitable.

3.Copyrights and other rights

The rights associated with all content posted to the Site vest with the Company and its affiliates and partners and are protected by the Copyright Act of Japan and other applicable intellectual property legislation. The unauthorized use, reproduction, or citation of content posted on the Site is expressly prohibited.


All trademarks, logotypes, and service marks on the Site are the sole property of the Company and/or its partners. The unauthorized use, reproduction, or citation of the above is expressly prohibited.


The following acts shall be explicitly prohibited in use of the Site.
In the event that the Company discovers that a User has engaged in any of the acts above, it reserves the right to delete the content, whether in whole or in part, without prior notice to the User. However, this shall not be taken to imply that the Company bears a duty to constantly monitor the Site.

  • – Illegal acts or those violating public order and morals;
  • – Criminal acts;
  • – Attempting to damage or obstruct the Company’s server or network functionality;
  • – Attempting to obstruct the operation of the site or the Company’s services;
  • – Contributing, through use of the Company’s services, and whether directly or indirectly, to the interests of anti-social forces;
  • – Other acts the Company deems unsuitable.


The Company exercises due care in providing services, systems, and information through the Site, but makes now warranties as to, and waives liability for, the completeness, accuracy, or usability of the same.
Users make use of the Site at their sole discretion. The Company, its affiliates, and its partners waive all liability for damages, loss, or incidents resulting from use of the Site. The same shall apply to external sites linking to the Site.

7.Recommended settings

We recommend the following computer settings and versions in order to properly display the site. Please note that the below represents only a recommendation and is not intended as a guarantee of functionality.

  • – Operating system and browser
    Windows 7 or later
    Internet Explorer 11 or later
    Firefox 63 or later
    Google Chrome 70 or later
    Microsoft Edge 40 (if using Windows 10)
    Macintosh OSX or later
    Safari 12
  • – Screen resolution
    1024 x 768px or higher
    *Some aspects of the site may not display correctly
  • – depending on your local settings.
    Browser settings
    JavaScript: enabled
    Cookies: enabled
    *This site makes use of JavaScript and cookies. To display the site exactly as it was intended, we recommend enabling both in your browser settings.
  • – Smartphones
    Phone 5 and later (OS: iOS 10.0 or later; browser: Safari)
    Android smartphones (OS: Android 5.0 or later; browser: Chrome)
    *Even if your device meets the recommended requirements above, differences in OS version or settings may cause the site to not display as intended.
  • – Browser settings
    JavaScript: enabled
    Cookies: enabled

Created: November 26, 2018